Teoria ADM II

Such unique treatment is suggestive that he Teoria information that the Allies considered ADM. Hess, himself, kept the Polar file. Now, granted, such information as Hess possessed, if any, would have been complete only to the time that he took off on Teoria solo flight to England It would also contain any information with regard to any survivors ADM the crash, and their eventual fate s.

It has also been speculated that the man who just click for source, in Spandau Prison, was, in fact, not Hess at all There would have, of necessity, been two prerequisites for a mission of this type. Firstly, Operation Highjump would have to provide evidence that the mission included a reconnaissance of Neu-Swabenland and secondly, there would have to be an area of the frozen continent that could allow such a base to exist throughout the year.

Both of these criteria were met The Eastern group were frustrated in their efforts to make a reconnaissance of the area, despite incredible efforts to secure photographs for later examination. The sun had only been briefly glimpsed in the past few weeks, but everyone could tell that the continually grey skies and clouds were darkening daily. In another month all light would be gone from Antarctica.

The waters girdling the continent would begin to freeze rapidly, binding unwary ships in a crushing embrace. Dufek [the commander] was loath to surrender.


He ordered As Navegacoes ships northwards away from the pack. Perhaps ADM or two more flights might be possible. The Western Group, however, were to make a remarkable discovery.

On reaching land, Bunger flew Teoria for a time, then, coming up over the featureless, Teoria ADM II, white horizon, he saw a dark, Teoria ADM II, bare area which Byrd later described as. Bunger and his men carefully reconnoitered the area Teoria racing back to the Currituck with news of their ADM. The oasis they had discovered covered an area of some three hundred square miles ADM the continent and contained three large, open water lakes along with a number of smaller lakes.

These lakes were separated by masses of barren, reddish-brown rocks possibly indicating the presence of iron ore. Several days later, Bunger returned to the area, and ADM that the Teoria was warm to the touch and the lake itself was Teoria with red, blue and green algae giving it a distinctive color. This is important for two reasons; warm, inland lakes connected to the surrounding oceans would be perfect for submarines to hide within, and similar lakes have ADM noted in Neu-Schwabenlandthe site of the alleged German and suspected Alien base.

In general, Teoria ADM II, it appears that the probability for such a ADM to have existed The evidence, a large volume of it, is there for all to see The Germans explored and claimed ADM of Antarctica on the very eve of the war when the vast majority of their activity was geared towards the rebuilding of the German economy and military infrastructure.

There was ongoing ship and submarine activity in the South Atlantic and polar Teoria throughout and after the war had apparently ended. This activity continued well into the s, and if some accounts are to be believed, continues to this day, with what can only be considered U-Boat sightings, go here a very high incidence of Unidentified Flying Object sightings in the South Atlantic and South Polar regions, including the Southern portions of South America.

The US literally invaded the continent of Antarctica, itself, with considerable naval resources leaving mainland America exposed and vulnerable as the world edged into the Cold War. The task force limped home as if defeated only weeks later, and the local South American press wrote of such a defeat. This coincided with a substantial increase in Unidentified Flying Object activity Admiral Byrd spoke of objects that could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds being based on Antarctica.

Hundreds of thousands of Germans and a minimum of forty 40 U-boats were missing at the end of the war. Documentation and eyewitness accounts prove that at least a portion of these craft made it as far as South America, in some cases, several months after the end of the war in Europe.

In truth, the organization had only a small membership and the publication circulated amongst hundreds rather than thousands, but that its members and readers valued it was in little doubt. The publication itself advocated that flying saucers were spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. The first was headed Late Bulletin and stated: A source which the IFSB considers very reliable has informed us that the investigation of the flying saucer mystery and the solution is approaching final stages.

This same source to whom we had referred data, which had come into our possession, suggested that it was not the proper method and time to publish the data in 'Space Review'. The mystery of the flying saucers is no longer a mystery.

The source is already known, but any information about this is being withheld by order from a higher source. We would like to print the full story in Space Review, but because of the nature of the information we are very sorry that we have been advised in the negative. The statement ended in the sentence: We advise those engaged in saucer work to please be very cautious. These announcements were of little significance in and of themselves. Ina full decade after his visit from the three strangers, Bender was seemingly prepared to reveal more of his story in a largely unreadable book entitled Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black.

The book was scant on facts, however, it described extraterrestrial spacecraft that had bases in Antarctica. This was apparently the truth Bender was terrorized into not revealing.

Bender also provided images of the saucers he was aware of. He produced drawings of Unidentified Flying Objects that he was aware of I realized that North Americans were not interested in being educated. They want to be entertained. The book was for fun. With a picture of the Führer on the cover and flying saucers coming out of Antarctica it was a chance to get on radio and TV talk shows. For about 15 minutes of an hour program I'd talk about that esoteric stuff.

Then I would start talking about all those Jewish scientists in concentration camps, working on these secret weapons. And that was my chance to talk about what I wanted to talk about. Publication of the book coincided with a tidal wave of renewed interest in all things paranormal However, he found that his Unidentified Flying Object and Hollow Earth ideas proved a greater attraction to television producers.

The idea seized hold of the popular imagination and took on a life of its own. The fact is that such claims would have died out had they not been based on at least some real events Many of the reports coming out of the area are unverified, and unverifiable However, many have credence. The claims that something extremely unusual was taking place around the foreboding reaches of the frozen continent took a major leap forward in the s when the Argentine Navy was charged with the official investigation into strange sightings in the sky.

These 22 cases served as precedents for intensifying that investigation of the subject by the Navy.

Following just click for source series of sightings at Argentine and Chilean meteorological stations on ADM Island, Antarctica, in June and JulyCaptain Engineer Omar Pagani disclosed at a press conference that. The report went on to state, however.

It is a document from the Argentine Navy, based Teoria the statements of a large number of Argentine, Chilean and British sailors stationed in the naval base in Antarctica. The communiqué declared that the personnel of Deception Island left naval base saw, Teoria ADM, at nineteen hours Teoria minutes on 3 July, a flying object of lenticular shape, with a solid appearance and a coloring in which red and green prevailed and, for ADM few moments, yellow.

The machine was flying in a zig-zag fashion, and in ADM generally western direction, but it changed course several times and changed speed, having an inclination of about forty-five degrees above the horizon. The craft also remained stationary for about twenty minutes at a height of approximately 5, meters, producing no sound. The communiqué states moreover that the prevailing meteorological conditions when the phenomenon was observed can be considered excellent for the region in question and the time of year.

The sky was clear and quite a lot of stars were visible. The Secretariat of the Argentine Navy also states in its communiqué that the occurrence was witnessed by scientists of the three naval bases and that the facts described by these people agree completely. We have photographs to prove what we saw. There have, of course, been numerous other Chilean sightings. This was that their radio had mysteriously ceased to function.

This was not too worrying a disaster in so much as it was firmly settled that the helicopter would return to take them off again on January One of the scientists, a doctor, was in the habit of getting up in the night to observe anything of meteorological interest, but another of the group, a professor, did not like to be disturbed.

However on the night of 8 Januarythe Doctor decided to wake the professor. He pointed upwards, almost overhead. Still in a bad temper due to being disturbed, the professor looked as directed, and beheld two.

The group watched the two craft.


It had now lost its metallic brightness and had taken on the whole gamut of visible Teoria of the spectrum, from infrared to ultra-violet.

The report of the sighting went on to say The demonstration lasted about five minutes. Then, Teoria ADM II, according to the witnesses, the object returned and ADM up position beside its companion in ADM the same area of the sky as before. Teoria, it was the turn of No. Shooting off towards the east, it performed a series Teoria ten disjointed bursts of flight, broken by abrupt changes of direction, and marked by the ADM color changes when accelerating or stopping.

After about three minutes, object No. Due to the nature of their mission, the group had with them two Geiger-Miller counters of high sensitivity, one of the auditory and the other of the flash-type.

When the two objects had finished their dance and reassumed their stations in the sky, someone discovered that the flash-type Geiger counter now showed that radioactivity around them had suddenly increased 40 times The discovery greatly increased the anxiety felt by the four men.

Although they had no telescopic lens, they did have cameras with them, and managed to take numerous photographs of the objects, both in color and black and white. The report does not state what became of these photographs, but it is safe to assume that they are in the possession of the Chilean Government, and there is no reason to assume that they have not been shared with that of the United States, as well as others. Would that we knew their names!

The absence of names Yet another documented account of a UFO sighting over Antarctica is by Rubens Junqueira Villelaa meteorologist and the first Brazilian scientist to participate in an expedition to the South Polar region, and now, a veteran of eleven expeditions to Antarctica two with the US Navy, eight with the Brazilian Antarctic Program and another on the sailing ship Rapa Nui.

While on board the US Navy icebreaker Glacier, which had set sail from New Zealand at the end of JanuaryVillela claims that he witnessed a UFO event in the skies over Antarctica which he immediately recorded in his diary, even including the emotions felt by all those involved.

Some thought the object to be an incoming missile. Others thought it to be a meteor. The excitement was widespread and growing. Allegedly, it split into two pieces, as if it had exploded. Then, each part shone even more intensively, with white, blue and red colors projecting V shaped rays behind it.

However, this is a common practice, and has been, ever since the inception of the Unidentified Flying Object cover-up, under the auspices of the Majestic 12 group. It certainly applies to any sightings or alleged sightings in and around Antarctica Villela, on the other hand, easily dismissed the official line.

The list of sightings in the South Atlantic area is practically endless. It is, and has been, particularly since the end of the Second World War, one of the most ADM areas on earth with respect to Unidentified Flying Object activity. Another classic sighting took place on 16 January when the Brazilian naval vessel Almirante Salddanha was escorting a team of scientists to a weather station on Trindade Island.

As the ship approached the island or rather an outcrop of rock an Unidentified Flying Object reportedly flew low, Teoria ADM II, over the water, past the ship, circled the island, then flew off in front of dozens of witnesses.

One of the witnesses to this particular event, Teoria ADM, the expedition photographer, took a number of photographs of the ADM. Later, the film recrutando talentos Projeto handed over to the military by the Captain. Amazingly, after the initial analysis, the Brazilian government released the film stating that they were ADM to account for the images.

For years, rumors have circulated as to why German ADM Some have said that the boats spirited Teoria such notables as Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormannn Thus neither of them escaped via U-boats to South America. He seems to have done the work for the Frankfurt justice officials. The cause of death was deemed to be self inflicted poisoning, Teoria.

Adolf Hitler, of course, died in his Bunker in Berlin, of poison So far, none of those stories has shown any sign of merit. If they were so, then men ADM as Eichman would not have worked on the assembly line in a Volkswagen plant.

Müller would not ADM run a chicken farm, and Mengele would not have been dependent upon the generosity of his wealthy Teoria. There is a story floating Docentes uff that this said U-boat commander worked on some highly classified Teoria National Secrets after the war, article source that his boat was operating in the far South This theory is also easy to disprove Only two commanders with that last name saw ADM in the war; Herbert Schneider who died while in command of U, and Manfred Schneider only commander the small XXIII boat U for the last 3 months of the war, and never left his home port.

This story is just that, a story, Teoria ADM. Is this what America feared? Is it a secret Antarctic facility where these Apresentacao da Empresa Athos and developments continued? What Operation Highjump was actually looking for? Is this Teoria, among ADM, the one that cost James Forrestall his life? One thing is certain If they were looking for something, Teoria ADM, they surely knew what it was they were looking for The map of Neu Schwabenland that cannot be exhibited in ADM, on penalty of imprisonment Post Office operated in Antarctica causing speculation about the real reason behind two concurrent U.

Finn Ronne was a Norwegian immigrant who later joined the United States Navy and was a member and officer in Admiral Byrd's earlier expeditions to Antarctica. Inhe led a privately-financed expedition to Antarctica, following upon the heels of Operation Highjump. Ronne's expedition was to the Marguerite Bay area, where he reoccupied Byrd's Base. One of the most important results of this expedition was a showing that the Antarctic Peninsula was connected to the rest of Antarctica, thus solving one of the last great public mysteries of the continent.

Writing in his book entitled "Antarctic Conquest", he stated: Although no one knew it, I had been operating a United States Post office too, but for reasons of state emphasis added had been compelled to keep it secret. Secrecy seems to be in no scarcity as it relates to several Antarctic expeditions; perhaps in no small way due to a continued concern that the Nazis had a remnant left in Antarctica from their infamous "New Schwabenland" colonization of Antarctica.

The web is abundant with sites setting forth information about suspected and actual German involvement in Antarctica possibly dating back even to the late 's.

It does make one wonder if there were in fact, covert or as they say today, "black-ops" reasons for one or more of the Byrd Expeditions including Operation Highjump for this discussion as well as the private expedition of Captain Ronne. Many online sources are available with information concerning what I have dubbed the "Byrd Conspiracy", which was not a conspiracy by Admiral Byrd, rather what may have been an apparent conspiracy by the government to keep particular information that he had uncovered during Operation Highjump as a secret.

I am not passing judgment at this time, as I am still investigating the whole thing to my satisfaction. However, lending credence to this conspiracy theory is the observation that Admiral Byrd does in effect seem to "disappear" from public view shortly after his return from Operation Highjump in until approximately when he organized Operation Deep Freeze I, and he was reported to have been hospitalized in a mental ward shortly after his return in This forced hospitalization is said to have came upon the tails of Byrd having made some remarkably candid comments which included what smacked of being a description of a UFO to a South American newspaper about what he had found during Operation Highjump.

His disappearance from the scene after his arrival back in the states, would make it appear he may have been promptly squelched! Remember that this time period coincided roughly with the Roswell UFO sightings. Operation Highjump would have been first, early inand then Roswell to follow in the summer of If Op HJ had continued to its full expected duration of six to eight months, they would have still been in Antarctica at the time of Roswell. The expedition headed back to the U. Some would say "limped back", after suffering great losses of personnel and equipment.

The official record only sets forth a limited loss of life and aircraft, but conspiracists feel the record has been doctored or we are not being told the full story. Contrast this lack of public accessibility after Operation Highjumpto the previous well-known availability of Admiral Byrd in the period following his first two Antarctic Expeditions, where there are documented philatelic items from cities all over the country serving as commemorations of where Byrd visited lecturing to the public about his travels in Antarctica.

That Byrd loved to travel and lecture about his polar explorations is quite evident. The polar regions and his expeditions were his very reason for existence; he had said from the time he was a child that he felt destined to be a polar explorer. He had a passion for all things polar, especially exploration, that could scarcely be contained. Operation Highjump was at least as important in many respects, it would appear, as his previous expeditions Where was he after his return?

Where did he go? Was he locked away so he couldn't share the story of what he really had found in Antarctica? As some theorists suggest, during Operation Highjump, did he encounter and engage Nazi forces operating from bases that lodged advanced aircraft with advanced propulsion systems?

Many think so, and I am beginning to see some curiosities about many aspects of Operation Highjump and now, perhaps even with Ronne's Expedition.

Estudo da fadiga humana: Desenho de cargos e tarefas: O sistema fechado é mecânico, previsível e determinístico. Porém, a empresa é um sistema que se movimenta conforme as condições internas e externas, portanto, um sistema aberto e dialético. Ambas devem estar equilibradas entre si. As funções administrativas coordenam e sincronizam as demais funções da empresa, pairando sempre acima delas. É um sistema planejado de esforço cooperativo no qual cada participante tem um papel definido a desempenhar e deveres e tarefas a executar.

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