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Para quem tem interesse em adquirir um, vale a pena aproveitar. Era tudo o que eu precisava! Também ainda prefiro o papel e sou daquelas que fazem tudo colorido. Desculpe mas ,00 na minha humilde opiniao…totalmente sem noçao.

RESENHA o meu num site gringo. Na epoca do RESENHA na casa do 3,00 e saiu no maximo Voce mesmo pode entrar no site e montar…de acordo WALL o que deseja, escolher cores, capas e afins. Tem outras opçoes alem do planner… como wall planner, notebook. Aí ele se torna realmente uma agenda absurdamente cara! Ah, que bom que minha resenha te ajudou a decidir!

Espero que atenda as suas expectativas: Eu entendo o valor do produto, realmente, pela série de coisas que vem e qualidade, vale o preço, RESENHA. Alguns dados técnicos do WALL Planner: Carla Mormile WALL 28 WALL setembro de Michelle WALL respondeu Carla Mormile em 29 de setembro de Tomara RESENHA você goste tanto quanto eu: Matilde Costa respondeu Michelle Amorim em 18 de maio de First off, there are no asteroids in the solar system that big. We'd have discovered them ages ago; Ceres, the largest asteroid in the main belt, is about kilometers across, WALL Texas is about kilometers across.

Even if we assume the size is an exaggeration, it still doesn't wash. A comet could not simply impact it and knock it out of orbit! An asteroid with a radius of, let's say, kilometers and made of iron as was said many times in the movie would mass about 5 x 10 24 grams, or WALL million million million tons. That's a lot of asteroid; you could ram it with comets for years and not move it much. Plus, the odds of a comet hitting an asteroid at all are very slim. I have hashed this out in my review of the movie "Asteroid" as well.

I am not implying anything here; I think they were just going for some extra realism by giving the character almost the same name! It is possible for the Earth to be pelted by forerunners of the main asteroid, if the initial impact with the comet sent shrapnel flying.

But that shrapnel would dissipate quickly as it expands, the volume of space it occupies increases very rapidly, and the debris thins outand most likely by the time the shrapnel reaches the Earth, very little would be left. But even given that, if there is any advance shrapnel, then it would not come in episodes, but instead be a continuous rain of debris.

Not only that but the average size of the debris will increase with time until the big one hits! Because, in an explosion, lightweight stuff gets thrown faster than heavier stuff. Since it is faster it reaches the Earth first, before the heavier stuff. There is a broad range in the size of the debris, so there should always be stuff hitting the Earth as the debris cloud expands.

And since the bigger stuff moves slower, it'll hit after the light stuff. In the movie, we only see a few episodes of collisions, although there is a very large hit late in the movie. I bet Ithaca, New York got hit too, but I guess watching students from Cornell running around in panic isn't as much fun as watching a guy and his dog in the streets of Manhattan. I will say though that the Paris sequence was very well done.

The asteroid is completely missed by everyone on Earth until it is only 18 days away. When asked why NASA didn't see this coming, the director says paraphrasing "We only have a million dollars to search the whole sky, and it's a big sky".

Later, they use Hubble to view the asteroid. Well, it is a big sky. Big professional telescopes only look at relatively small chunks of it Now, there are surveys underway to look for any asteroids out there headed our way. But even discounting them, there are tens of thousands of amateur astronomers, bless them, who look at the sky every clear night. Could they have missed it?

Let's say our killer asteroid is the same size as Ceres remember, km across. The movie says it is moving at 22, miles per hour not metric, of course! That puts it about ten million miles away, or 40 times the Moon's distance. At that distance it is 30 times closer than Ceres.

Plowing Through the Door

Ceres itself is just barely too faint to seen by WALL naked eye, but if it were 30 RESENHA closer, it would be times brighter!

Since it would be closer to the Sun, it would receive more light from the Sun, making it about four or so times brighter, plus the times, making it about times brighter than Ceres. My thanks to Bad Reader Craig Berry for pointing that out to me!

Even if we WALL to assume RESENHA was farther RESENHA, like 60 days from impact WALL monthsit would be WALL times brighter than Ceres, and an easy naked eye object to spot. Anyone familiar with the sky RESENHA spot that easily. Incidentally, they said in the RESENHA that only 15 telescopes in the world could spot the asteroid.

As I have just shown, RESENHA, there are billions of unaided eyes that could have seen it as well. Using Hubble is a big deal in these types of movies. WALL, it won't work. Go to my review "Doomsday Rock" for details. Basically, Hubble cannot be pointed anywhere in RESENHA two weeks WALL to the onboard software.

Actually, for an extreme emergency, Hubble could be pointed somewhere in as little as 2 days. However, it takes time to write up the software needed to point it, so in reality it would take a little longer than that.

We get a good look at WALL asteroid. It is rough, jagged, with lots of spikes. It is surrounded by vapor. When an object gets to be a certain size, the strength of its own gravity tends to shape it into a sphere. Why is this one jagged? I have heard some people say it's because of the comet collision which in turn means the original asteroid was even bigger!

This doesn't work for many reasons. First, a collision big enough to send something that large our way would melt the whole thing too. It would easily form a sphere if it had melted. Second, relatedly, the asteroid was not even hot when it got here.

It wouldn't have had sufficient time to cool in 18 days or however long it took to get here, really. The vapor was weird. I suppose an asteroid can have pockets of gas deep inside the boundary between comets and asteroids can be blurryand they even say as much in the movie too holy cow, they got something else right! But the gas is shown as red and green. Nebulae, or gas clouds, in deep space have color, and do look red and green, but that is due to their being excited by a source of ultraviolet light.

The asteroid's vapor would look white to the eye, because it is lit by reflected sunlight. No big deal, but it's just another dramatic effect added with no real scientific content. This is just Bad. During the X launch sequence, they used real Space Shuttle footage, and used computer graphics to stitch the image of the X onto a shuttle rocket stack.

Entertaining and satisfying were two key words, and over time, the film's style and groundbreaking effects won me over. Still, the film could have foregone some of the sappier moments, pop-culture integration eBay, Internet user screen namesand inane jokes in favor of a rougher and harder edge, but Transformers follows a tried-and-true formula of intertwining a little something for everyone, and like it or not, the approach is generally a success financially for the studios.

Resenha: Daily Planner Paperview

Ultimately pleased with the final product, even enjoying the many less-than-action-oriented, audience-friendly moments in the film glossed over above, I eagerly await the sequel, also directed by Bay and again featuring stars LaBeouf and Fox, though I wouldn't mind a more serious, grittier, slightly more violent take on the Transformers universe. One thing's for sure, though: Michael Bay's trademark eye for action, quick and fancy camera work, and gorgeous locations will play a RESENHA role in the film, and WALL even more important to Blu-ray fans, it's sure to look and sound fabulous when it arrives late next year on the world's finest RESENHA definition format.

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Paramount Home Entertainment will release the 3D version of Transformers: Dark of the Moon on Blu-ray next month. Independent distributors Shout Factory have officially announced that they will release a on Blu-ray Transformers Prime: This Limited Edition 4-disc set will include all 26 action-packed episodes including the 5-part miniseries Darkness Rising and Paramount Home Entertainment will release Transformers: Dark of the Moon on Blu-ray this month.

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