Historia do Real

Real, Ymir notes that Historia's urge to show kindness to others Real not only from a desire to gain their esteem, but also that of the people around her: This likely stems from her having been denied the esteem of others as a child and being raised to believe that she was an unfortunate mistake, Historia. The strongest manifestation of this tendency is Historia's repeated and severe suicidal inclinations; she expresses the desire to die in a manner so that others will not hate her for having existed at all and will speak of her and remember her favorably.

A prime example is Historia's attempt to drag a wounded Daz to safety through a blizzard. Had Ymir not decided to help without prompting, Historia and Daz would have both froze to death. This was due to her upbringing, believing herself to be a mistake and hoping that by dying, nobody would hate her.

After her abandonment by Ymir, who leaves with Reiner and BertoltHistoria loses the hope that the revelation of her name seemed to produce in her.

She regresses Real a vapid disinterest in anything going on around her, unsure of how to act. She states that while the persona Krista Lenz was a kind and deeply caring person, the real Historia is vacant inside.

Although Eren Historia tells her that she seems more genuine and "less Real now, she continues to regard herself as lacking any true nature or identity. However, during the coup d'état, Historia begins to slowly believe in herself and develop strength, such as defying her father de contabilidade later killing him and going on Dimo Reeves' idea to punch humanity's strongest soldier. Like her 'Krista' Historia, she develops kindness by freeing Eren and opening the orphanage, developing her own personality, Historia do Real.

Historia was born as the illegitimate and unrecognized daughter of Rod Reisshead of the Reiss family and the true monarchs of the Walls. Historia was raised on the estate owned and administered by the Reiss family.

Her Real was deliberately distant from her, spending much of her time reading or leaving the estate at night via carriages. She never participated in work around the estate and appeared to have some other source of income. Though Historia's maternal grandparents spoke with her to teach her how to work, her mother did not interact with her. Adding to her isolation, the other children outside the estate would throw rocks at her, [15] and she was not allowed to leave.

However, she seemingly held one friend during her childhood; a mysterious woman named Frieda Reiss who would visit her in secret. Historia was unaware that Frieda was her legitimate half-sister, but remembers her as being her big sis. She taught Historia how to read, and further encouraged her personal development in the hopes of becoming a kind girl that everyone would love. She would chide Historia for not being more lady-like, but would become distressed when the girl spoke of her as an ideal role model of a proper Lady.

By Frieda's doing, Historia would forget many of these interactions and her existence, save for when the memories were subconsciously accessed during dreams. However, Historia would forget about these dreams when she awoke. Growing up, she began to read every book she could get her hands on, including ones that depicted the typical relationship between a mother and her child, causing Historia to question her own relationship with her mother, and desiring to understand what it was like to have meaningful physical contact with her mother.

This led to an attempt to hug her mother resulting in her being violently slapped away and causing her mother to openly lament that she did not have the bravery to kill Historia when she had been born. Though bruised and bloody, Historia felt happiness because it was the first time she had ever been spoken to by her mother.

Real After this incident she would not see nor interact with her mother again for several years, Historia do Real. During this interlude, she came to understand her position in the Reiss household, particularly that she Historia regarded by those around her as a curse and grave burden to her family; though she did not understand the reason for her treatment and rejection.

The only consolation in her life on the estate were the animals being husbanded, providing her with a means of companionship. Days after the fall of Wall Maria, Rod Reiss came to the estate with her mother to see Historia and to take her into the Reiss household properly; it is assumed that Historia would thus be recognized as a child and heir to the Reiss family.

As they attempted to evacuate they were surrounded by unmarked soldiers of the First Interior Squad of the Military Police Brigadewho then confronted Rod Reiss over the identity of Historia and her mother.

Rod Reiss in turn, denied any relation to them. One of Historia soldiers, Kenny Ackermanrestrained Alma and killed her as she desperately attempted to deny being Historia's mother and her existence Real. Her last testament before Real her throat cut were to Real at her Historia and coldly state that she wished Historia had never given birth to her.

The soldiers then attempted to kill Historia as well, but Rod Reiss intercepted their efforts by offering an alternative arrangement: The soldiers agreed with this, and Rod Reiss then gave her the new name of "Krista Lenz".

Due to the influence of Frieda Reiss, Historia was able to use a persona that she had created for herself that was to be in all things selfless and kind to those around her. It is this persona that she uses when entering the military; in her innermost self however, she is a melancholy, empty shell of a girl, uncertain of her true nature and personality and of her purpose and meaning in the world.

During her first expedition out of the Walls she saves ReinerArminand Jean after they become partially stranded in combat against the Female Titan by supplying them with a horse allowing all of them to proceed on horseback. She is then seen to be holding her position on the tree line as per orders baiting the Titans and preventing them from entering the forest while the Survey Corps attempts to capture the Female Titan.

Historia Reiss

Historia is later shown to be part of the group Historia is being suspected for being comrades of Annie, when the Porosa, Economia de Linhares dia Titan suddenly attacked with the other Titans, Historia do Real.

When Minister Nick reveals to the members of the Survey Corps that Historia may know about the Real having Titans inside them because of her family, and that she went under an assumed name after being caught in the middle of Real relatives' dispute. It is not long until Eren and the others realize that she was often around Ymir. When she Real being with Ymir when they were helping Daz in her hometown. She is confronted for living under an alias after being Historia in the middle of a serious dispute between her families and relatives.

Before transforming into a Titan to fight Historia other Titans attacking them, Ymir makes Historia promise her to go back into living under her real name.

After Historia and the rest continue reading the trainees watch Ymir fighting against Real group of Titans nearly falling off the tower when Ymir transformed, to which Reiner questioned her if she knew about it but tells she did not know herself despite being so close to her and refuses to believe it at first.

When the Trainees question whose side Ymir is on, Historia remembers some events of her and along with the other watching Ymir's attempt to fight the other Titans and came to the conclusion that she is fighting to protect everyone. She, along with the others, ride on her back and land on the ground safely, except for Ymir who is eaten by the Titans.

As Historia tries to make her way to Ymir to fulfill her promise she is nearly grabbed by a Titan but is saved by Mikasa. As everyone watches in disbelief at Ymir's wounds and the truth, Historia reveals her true name. While she knew what her friend did was wrong in hiding information that could have been useful to the Survey Corps, she understood she did it to protect her comrades.

Hange tells Historia she understands Ymir being a Titan like Eren and being an ally of humanity, but the political and bureaucratic rules are not as simple as she thinks. During the battle, she is assigned to provide care for the wounded. She insists that Ymir is still alive, and begs the other soldiers to rescue her. The team eventually manages to catch up with Reiner and Bertolt, but are unaware that Ymir has been convinced to ally with them in exchange for Historia's safety. When Ymir appears in her Titan form, Historia rushes to greet her and is swiftly ensnared in Ymir's mouth, so the Warriors can kidnap her.

When Mikasa arrives and attacks Ymir, Historia quickly steps forward to stop the fight. She pleads with her to spare Ymir, and refuses to back down even when Mikasa threatens her. Before the conflict is resolved, Erwin Smith charges at the Armored Titan with a horde of Titans behind him.

Historia rejects his help, saying that she must stay with Ymir if Ymir is Real survive. When Eren unleashes the Coordinate in the Real of the check this out, drawing all mindless Titans to his will, Ymir chooses to leave with Reiner and Bertolt.

Historia retreats with the military, reaching Historia to Ymir as they part ways indefinitely. Upon Historia military's return to Wall Rose, Historia nearly faints from exhaustion as Real is looked after by Rico Brzenska. When reminded that Ymir left with Reiner and Bertolt of her own free will, Historia is distraught that Ymir chose them over her. Jean notes that "Krista" is not behaving like herself and Historia says she is done being her, Historia do Real.

Krista was a role she was given to stay Historia. Shortly afterward, Historia is relocated with the new Special Operations Squad to Historia undisclosed location. The Special Operations Squad leaves from their hideout on Erwin's orders to rendezvous in Trost Districtbut rather than going into town, Historia hides with Eren in an undisclosed location while Armin and Jean act as their respective Real.

She discusses the nature of their situation Eren. Historia notes that while Krista was an altruistic, kind-hearted girl, the real Historia is empty.

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