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Objetos que se movem rapidamente têm mais inércia que os que se movem lentamente. Ela se aplica tanto a objetos em movimento quanto a objetos em repouso.

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Supondo sua massa igual a kg, o módulo da força resultante que atua no veículo durante esse intervalo de tempo é, em N, igual a. De acordo co as leis de Newton, é correto afirmar:. Com base nessas informações, analise as proposições: A massa do automóvel é igual a kg. A massa do automóvel é igual a N. Removing ad is a premium feature. Sign In with your ProProfs account.

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What was the name of the Union ironclad sunk at the Battle of Mobile Bay? If slaves will make good soldiers our whole theory of slavery is wrong, but they won't make soldiers.

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Which of these ironclads was part of the Confederate James River Squadron? Confederate cavalry leader J. Stuart was mortally wounded at what battle?

The 54th Massachusetts Lei Regiment became famous for its brave but failed charge on what Civil War fort? Abraham Lincoln loved civil theater and sobre assassinated Quiz Ford's Theatre.

What was the name of the play he was watching when he was shot? Who wrote the famous Southern memoir of the war entitled "Company Aytch"? What was the last ship to fly the Confederate flag during the Civil War. Who was the commander of the Confederate forces at the Battle of Resaca? What battle had the single bloodiest day of combat in the American Civil War? Who wrote the memoir "Diary of a southern refugee during the war, by a lady of Virginia"? During most of the Civil War the mouth of the James River was closed to Confederate ships by what fort?

Winfield Scott's plan to blockade the South acquired a "snaky" nickname, what was it?

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